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Construction Estimators Interview!

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

See what our talented Estimators Danny & Jeff have to say!

What is the most challenging part of an Estimating job?

Narrowing in on what the scope of work will be so we can prepare an accurate

quote. A full understanding of what the customer is asking us to do will insure a proposal

is prepared to handle all the expectations of the customer. An exact scope will also eliminate disparities between bidders and keep everyone on an equal footing.

What is the most difficult part of your job on a daily basis?

Juggling a large number of estimates and keeping things straight. Also recalling what you may have figured in from months or even a year ago.

What is something that an estimator does that might not be something commonly known?

A lot of communication with the customer all through the process and then directly sending the proposals once prepared. Often times we have a better understanding on what is “figured in” the project and because of this an estimator may be the one to best deal with the customer directly.

Have you ever encountered a job that just wasn't feasible to do and why?

Most often feasibility of a project is a compromise between budget and engineering. Almost anything is possible but that does not mean it can be done a certain way or for a certain budget. So if a project is desired but cannot be attained affordably or safely it will never be done. There are many times we encounter these types of projects. If the customer performs the correct due diligence and establishes the engineering possibilities and the budget necessary, the project usually is very easily quoted.

What skill set does a person need to become a good listener?

Good communication skills in obtaining and dispensing information. Great math skills are needed. A good memory and good organizational skills. And a bunch of patience.

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