The Marzucco Story: A History in Construction

Then and Now, A Family Business

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Marzucco's Construction Services was founded and continues to grow as, a family business even after almost 30 years.

Joe Sr, Joey and Mandi are a father, son and daughter team who lead a skilled team of construction professionals in Naples, Southwest Florida.  

The following is a brief story of Marzucco's humble beginnings and continuing tradition of quality workmanship as told by the father, Joe Marzucco.

A High Point on U.S. 41

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At the beginning, I walked down 41 and stopped at every business and realtor office and offered complete apartment services including painting, cleaning and small repairs.   One day, at my last stop, I spoke with a woman and her coworker at Ad Miller and Associates on 5th Avenue.   Donna worked in rentals and we sat for about 30 minutes and went over my services and experience.   I was offered a job to paint an apartment at Highpoint Country Club for $150.00.   I painted their apartments at that price for about three months until one day Donna called me in and said that I was doing a great job but I couldn't work for her anymore at that price.   I was shocked.   She said if I wanted to continue to work for them I would have to double my price.   "Wow," I thought.   I was fine with the $150.00 and she was going to double it.  

I promised my wife when we moved here from Pennsylvania that I would have her in her own house within one year and working nights at the Ritz Carlton and painting during the day this price increases made it happen and that was the start of Marzucco's Painting Inc. 

We incorporated in 1986.  

Our next job, which was huge for us, was Park Place in Imperial Golf Estates for a man named Jack Brown.   It was a 68 unit, new construction project to which my brother John referred me.   At the time, I wore several hats including the Ritz, painter and meat cutter.   With this new project, however, I could finally focus on building a construction business.

A Son Never Forgets

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In 1995, I passed my general contractor exam and began building homes and concentrating on high-rise restoration.   We successfully completed new construction, high-rise painting and other development projects.  

My business concept remains the same: I always give our customers more than they expect.

Even as the company has expanded and custom services have been added, we remember the smaller jobs that got us started.   My father always told me, "Don't forget where you came from, Son."   And today, there is no job too big or small.

All in the Details

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For the past decade, we have created and maintained high-rise buildings and large commercial projects near, or on the water.  

Protecting, restoring and preserving the building envelope is what we do.  

In addition to high-rise painting, we specialize in:

  • concrete restoration
  • stucco replacement
  • sealant application
  • waterproofing

The keys to our success are:

  1. Always give the customer more than they expect above and beyond our contractual obligation.
  2. Always pay attention to the details.
  3. Always work with the best and treat people right.

As a family owned and operated company we take a lot of pride in our services we maintain and inspect each and every one of our projects personally.