Specialty Floor Coatings

Marzucco's Leads the Way

Improving walkway and driveway durability and appeal for high traffic areas in warehouses, garages, offices and entrance ramps.

Safer Passages and Curb Appeal


Over time, heavy pedestrian and vehicle traffic wears down concrete surfaces.   Protect and visually enhance walkways, driveways and garage floors.

Specialty floor coatings are chemically engineered for long wear and color fastness in concrete aesthetic and saftey applications.

For damaged concrete surfaces in need of restoration, see "Concrete Restoration".

Types of Floor Coating Systems:
  • Color Quartz systems
  • Color flake systems
  • Nonskid systems
  • High performance epoxy and urethane systems
  • Pedestrian and vehicular waterproofing systems
  • Flint rock systems for steep surfaces
  • Spray Crete
  • Knockdown Splatter
  • Decorative finishes