Marzucco's Does Windows

Weathered seals around windows let water in and energy out.   Watertight windows seal out Florida's harsh tropical climate.

Keep Energy In and Water Out

worker preparing area around window seal

The building envelope of high to mid-rise condominiums, office buildings and parking garages should be inspected periodically; and if necessary, resealed.

A watertight building envelope protects concrete structures from damage caused by water intrusion.

Marzucco's recommends performing a pull test (adhesion testing) prior to starting any project along with follow up pull tests during the project.

Property Protection as an Investment

Pro-active maintenance can keep your structure looking good and in the long run save you money.   Working with the premier paint manufacturers of products specifically designed for Florida's tropical climate, we can provide up to a ten-year warranty, defraying the cost of the repaint over a more extended period if desired.

Sealant Applications:

  • Window perimeters & Slider perimeters (metal to stucco)
  • Glazing (metal to metal, glass to glass, glass to metal)
  • Control joints
  • 90 degree and 45 degree stucco to stucco transitions
  • Extruded silicone

Expansion joint and specialty joints — every project is unique and may require a specialty joint specific to the job.

  • a. Parking and plaza deck joints
  • b. Facade and abutment joints
  • c. Interior movement joints
  • d. Masonry joints


We offer 5, 10 & 20 year labor & material warranties.   All warranties are reliant on materials used.