Kitchen Remodeling

Marzucco's Remodels Kitchens

The kitchen is central to home life.   Updating the appearance and functionality of a kitchen increases a property's value.

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looking over remodelling plans

See how new appliances, fixtures, cabinets, countertops, walls and flooring fit together with advanced design tools.  

A typical kitchen remodel takes between 8 and 13 weeks—from design to completion.

Our kitchen design team works tirelessly to ensure a successful remodel that transforms a kitchen into a beautifully efficient one.

Kitchen Remodeling Contractor On Time

Remodeling a kitchen is not a weekend, or even a week-long project.   No matter how quickly Extreme Makeover, Home Edition or HGTV make it seem, the average remodel is a process that will often take a few months.  

The future remodeler should understand that splitting up the remodel into separate phases will help make the project more manageable.

Kitchen Remodel Phases:

  1. Planning
  2. Permitting process
  3. Demolition, disassembly, and disposal
  4. Rough construction
  5. Finish construction

Schedule a Kitchen Remodel:

Planning → 3 to 4 weeks

Design and layout

It is important to have a vision of what you want your final kitchen remodel to look like.   Book a free consultation for 1 hr with our design firm.

Product selections

Doing your research and having your appliances, fixtures, furniture, and other room essentials picked out in advance will help simplify and quicken the remodeling process.

Contract agreements

Now is the time to finalize contracts and agreements with professional designers and contractors who will help work on the project.

Permitting process → 1 to 3 weeks

Time frame depends on the city or county.

Demolition, disassembly, and disposal → Estimated time: 2-3 days


Rough construction

Job Estimated time
Electrical installation 1-2 days
Floor Preparation 2-3 days
Plumbing installation 1-2 days
Drywall wall prep 2-4 days, depending on scope of work
Painting 1-2 days

Finish construction

Job Estimated time
Cabinetry installation 2-4 days
Countertop Installation 1-2 days
Flooring installation 2 days
Appliances, sink, and faucet installation 1-2 days
Backsplash 1-2 days
Finishing touches 2-3 days
Unpacking 1 week