High-Rise Painting

Marzucco's Paints High-Rises

A complete restoration envelope preserves the integrity of a high-rise building's appearance, structure and safety.   We have protected beautiful beachfront resort hotels, apartments and condominiums in Florida since 1986.

Push the Exterior Envelope

contractor points upward

Painting today's high-rise buildings requires cutting edge technology and equipment.  

Keeping jobsites safe is always our number one priority.   Our employees are regulary updated on the latest safety standards.

Homeowners associations appreciate our highly skilled crews' compliance with HOA rules and regulations.

Ask us about a complementary paint color rendering for your high-rise building.   This great visual aid for meetings helps board members with the planning and color selection process.

Contact Your High-Rise Experts

Our qualified painters restore and preserve the exterior building envelope of multistory structures in Florida.   The exterior envelope of buildings acts as a barrier to heat, water and wind.   Marzucco's high-rise painting service specializes in correcting problems and updating features that affect a building envelope's energy saving and weatherproofing qualities.

High-Rise Building Envelope Issues:

  • Water Intrusion
  • Paint Delamination / Bubbling
  • Spalling Rebar
  • Concrete Deterioration


We offer 7, 8 and 10 year labor & material warranties on all exterior painting projects.   All warranties are reliant on materials used.